Brisk Pass & Brisk Coin, Storm is Coming!

Brisk Pass GmbH is planning to move its headquarters to Qatar with the following statements given by a spokesperson:

If you haven’t heard of Brisk Pass or Brisk Coin then you must have missed on the huge ICO in November 2017 when markets were having biggest bull run of crypto history. Brisk Pass was the only ICO of its kind focused on transportation solutions and practicality of using crypto for commuting, you can see the introductory video here: www.briskpass.com.

Almost all major cryptocurrencies fell in January 2018. The combined value of more than 2,400 cryptocurrencies in circulation fell to about $460 billion from over $800 billion at the start of January and currently is circulating around $260 billion. That is approximately 75% loss of total market cap.

Brisk Pass ICO ended in February 2018 and beside the devastating market crash, negative publicity and skepticism for its nature of anonymity the ICO came through and Brisk Coins were distributed successfully.
In recent development, it seems Brisk Pass train has not left the station yet. The company is in talks with a venture capital firm in the Middle East for acquisitions, implementation and testing of new markets. The VC firm is looking to buy Brisk Pass and the patented back-end software as their flagship project in crypto space.

Despite the market crash resulting in Brisk Pass losing 75% of ICO funding and fake news spread about Brisk Pass & Brisk Coin we survived the crash and we are here to stay, we have active trading on few exchanges & we will grow into more once we move into next phase of development with our new partners & private funding.

He further added, ìWe will have a very clear vision for our users and here are the first few steps we will be taking towards making Brisk Pass a better platform:

1 Launch the App

2 Instead of doing 50% Coin Burn as originally planned we will start 5% monthly Air Drops for users who will hold Brisk Pass more than 1 month.

3 Test the app in real-time environment.

4 Launch Brisk wallet in App for user to exchange coins.

5 And have a spokesperson to clearly announce further strategies.

6 Launch the main net.

2018 will be marked as the year of crypto and we will do our best to satisfy our users and increase the trade volume of Brisk Coin. We ask our users to be patient and HODL as the markets have not recovered yet and we are building slowly to make sure our users are happy when the markets recoverî.

All if not most major crypto platforms are staying relatively quiet at the moment and that only means one thing the crypto storm is coming; would you be a part of?



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